#1962: BackBadge

People at business gatherings can find it difficult to approach each other time-efficiently.

Even if they are wearing namebadges, no-one wants to stare at those, face-to-face, before starting a conversation. The information tends to be sparse anyway, leaving you to guess about whether someone is going to be of interest or not.

Today’s invention is an aid to networking.

People would wear a tie with a QR code in the lined square at the rear face of its wider end (people who don’t wear a tie could use a necklace or a medallion).

Entering a meeting, they would flick this over their shoulder and place their mobile phone in their jacket pocket (with the camera facing outwards and the recognition software running).

Walking around behind people, you would get an alert if the camera detected anyone whose coded information matched some of the features you had specifed as of interest.

This would allow you to mingle around to the front and introduce yourself.

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