#1959: AbLootion

Buying a safe for domestic use is massively expensive (given that it will probably have to be built into a specially-created wall cavity).

Today’s invention is therefore an alternative. It consists of a replacement front door for one’s washing machine.

This looks no different from the outside, but comes equipped with a new, more secure lock and hinge mechanism, compatible with the existing electromechanics. The valuables are inserted through a watertight port into a hemispherical pod on the inside of the door.

The pod allows use of the machine to continue without either obstructing the door during loading or the washing when it is rotating. Some clothing will pass between the transparent door and the pod, so that it’s hard to spot.

Not only is the washing machine an unlikely place to store goodies (red), it can be left running when you go out, further camouflaging their location.

As everyone knows moving a dry machine is hard work. Moving one full of water and attached to the plumbing is a non-starter.

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