#1940: PlugPlus

I’m again a bit annoyed that electronics companies seem to have hired no mechanical engineers. Why else do they continue to make electrical connections as robust as glass?

Today’s invention is a way to overcome the terrible problems associated with micro-usb connections (without losing all the benefit of small plugs).

If this tiny bit of kit attached to your new mobile device breaks or gets hamfistedly misaligned and damages the system’s interior, you are into the zone of throw it away and fork out for a new one.

Instead, how about retro-fitting a nice, smoothly contoured plug which fits onto the female connection within your device for as long as it lasts?

When you want to charge or undertake data transfer, you plug into this a nice big strong, positive-contact connector which is itself a permanent home for the standard, brittle male component on the end of the cable.

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