#1886: DustDrive

Organic dust is explosive -everything from sawdust to coal to flour has the potential to form a cloud of particles and, at the right concentration, blow up.

This seems to be also true of nanoparticles (making nanoparticles consistently is very demanding, but even micron-sized mists exhibit this property to some extent).

Today’s invention is therefore a simplified way to introduce fuel into an internal combustion engine.

A rod of organic material is advanced by a geared micrometer and abraded each time the piston moves upwards across its surface. This creates a gas of particles which are mixed with the incoming airstream.

The subsequent compression of this mixture raises its temperature enough to cause it to explode and drive the following cycle.

The fuel rod would be very much safer to transport than liquid petroleum, since no particles would be released from its surface unless friction were applied. Varying the forward speed of the rod could control the fuel inflow precisely.

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  1. You’d probably need some magazine mechanism to feed in a sequence of rods.

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