#1884: Totempod

Small-format digital cameras are now capable of such high quality output that they are commonly used by professionals as backups -to grab a shot which they might otherwise miss.

These devices often come with a wireless shutter release.

Today’s invention is to attach several such cameras to the stem of a monopod and to arrange for them to take photos automatically when the main SLR release is pressed.

The basic configuration would see the small cameras all pointed at the same point at some fixed distance in the forward direction.

A more advanced set-up would have them aimed slightly to the left, right, higher and lower than the main DSLR (perhaps even by having the main camera transmit to them its target so that they could offset themselves, spatially, temporally and in terms of aperture settings).

This would provide automated ‘bracketing’ of even fast-moving subjects, ensuring that a photojournalist would rarely miss that critical moment.

(I’d also like to see a shutter release which offered the option of working by just exerting downward pressure on the monopod).

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  1. Another possible opportunity for this kind of technology is the sniper rifle, but I suspect that certain readers would find that somewhat unethical.

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