#1850: FairFire

I’ve joked before that hunting will only be a sport when the animals are equipped with weapons.

Today’s invention is a truly sporting rifle.

Instead of being camouflaged, this would have a number of small screens attached, each displaying moving, coloured patterns and with the potential to emit sounds.

The telescopic sight would have a camera embedded within it.

These add-ons would handicap the hunter in a quantifiable way. Users of such rifles would find it more challenging to approach a game animal but when sufficiently close, they would have the option to kill it or photograph it.

For people who don’t need to eat game, I’m hoping that creating an image of such a creature, with their sights superimposed and details of their increased visibility at the time embedded, would allow more bragging rights than returning with a corpse.

This would thus help preserve the lives of many wild animals.

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