#1832: KeepCap

I hate having to inflate the tyres on my car. Specifically, I hate having to crouch in the dark, whilst using a filthy, heavy piece of communal equipment which hisses sporadically, rasps the paint off my vehicle and charges me 10p per tyre.

Then there are the dust caps. Working so as to get the job done before the compressor gives out requires a certain deftness. Should the caps all be removed beforehand to speed inflation?

Today’s invention represents an attempt to avoid losing one’s dustcaps (and temper) on the forecourt.

Each cap is made in two sections joined by an integral strap. The cap is rotated as a whole until the top half comes free. This helps wipe the threads clean.

Now the airline is attached, so that at no point must cap be removed from valve.

If for some reason it becomes detached, then the dayglo green colour makes finding it relatively easy.

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