#1830: iPlate

Children and adults differ in terms of the amount and type of illumination they like to see applied to their meals.

Today’s invention is to supply meals for fussy eaters in a transparent, modular tray, fitted to and placed upon the surface of an iPad or other tablet.

This machine knows the location and type of food in each modular recess, and can illuminate each from beneath with light of the most appetising colour(s).

Once a section is sensed to have been emptied (ie by the decrease in screen pressure of a moulded bump on the underside)…a small animation could run within that section, saying ‘well done’.

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  1. MadeleineRooney MadeleineRooney
    @PatrickRAndrews IPAD NOT TRAY!

    PatrickRAndrews Patrick Andrews
    @MadeleineRooney Next up -the MacBook Air toasted sandwich maker… $795 #whatwouldstevehavedone

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