#1828: FakeFace

Have you noticed how few people can apply fake tan so that they don’t end up looking like a pumpkin?

Today’s invention is a tool to help people apply such facepaint more effectively.

It consists of a computer driven printer whose print head can move in 3 dimensions just like a 3d printer.

People would have their faces scanned so that when placing their head against a chin rest, their face shape could then be followed accurately by the print head.

This would scan back and forth, changing the colour of the spray-on cosmetic very subtly, so as to capture the local lightness and hue variations in a real suntan.

This would result in a very rapid and realistic simulated suntan, whose intensity could be requested by the subject in advance (eg ‘4 days on the beach in the Algarve’).

Such a system could also be used to apply foundation and blusher as well as children’s face painting patterns.

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