#1818: Declashifier

Happy New Year, Readers!

Today’s invention is a website which helps guests at public functions to choose what to wear so that they don’t clash with or duplicate each other’s outfits. This would also help make sure that no guest was more grandly or eye-catchingly clad than any guests of honour.

A seating plan would also be provided to all participants, in advance. They would then each choose eg the colour of their dress from a palette, ensuring at least that their immediate neighbours were not planning to wear the same.

To minimise conflicts, guests would only receive their tickets after having provided data about their planned couture (which would be confirmed on entry).

More A-list events might even allow specification of the designers and the style of clothes.

The website could also be used to eradicate the problem of several people appearing in group photographs, dressed like a barber’s shop quartet.