Happy fifth birthday, IOTD!

This is just a note to say that tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of this blog.

I’ve managed to post something new on 98% of the 1826 days since 21st November 2006.

Many thanks to the readers and commenters who have helped support my efforts. It’s greatly appreciated. Special thanks also to Kona for suggesting it in the first place.

There are many more ideas in the pipeline -as well as a forthcoming book detailing the methods and mindset which I rely on to maintain creativity.

(I should also have expressed my thanks to everyone at SXC, whose photos I’m very grateful to be able to use)


  1. Congratulations, Patrick. Stonking achievement. (You’ve been doing this longer than I’ve held most jobs in my life!)

    • Thanks Tony,
      I’m currently writing down the ‘secrets’ so that anyone can learn to do the inventing part.
      The moneymaking part of being an Inventor is more difficult!

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