#1775: RoadTrunk

Where to put a new road is a major planning decision.

Today’s invention aims to make road network building more of an experimental science.

The basic unit of this approach would be a prefabricated tunnel module, as shown. This would be like a pontoon bridge but land-based and installed off the back of a low loader using a crane. Once in position, the road surface inside could be covered with a thin coat of tarmacadam and the exterior painted to blend in with the surroundings.

It would have a translucent section in the roof and solar powered lamps for night driving. There would also be sound and thermal insulation, as well as filters to absorb the worst exhaust pollutants before allowing air to circulate into the atmosphere.

A new section of road, made of these modules, could thus be tried out for a fixed period to see if it was working for all parties concerned. It might then be replaced by a conventional road, or allowed to remain as is, or moved to another trial site.

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