#1769: Cinemaximised

Film is still not interactive enough. Today’s invention attempts to make watching a movie more of a game-like activity.

Movies would be shot in high resolution, so that it would be possible to zoom in closely on certain parts of a scene.

An audience could decide, using standard clickers, to pause the action and zoom in on a region on the screen, in order to get an explanation of the plot or more information about the back story.

Only by extracting this information could a viewer expect get to the end and understand the whole thing.

This would allow movies to be made simply, without needing multiple parallel plot branches.

It would mean that each movie would probably require a few viewings for an audience to feel that it had got to the bottom of all the storylines. This additional business would be welcomed by the movie studios.

One Comment:

  1. The areas which were zoomable could be made more or less detectable to viewers, depending on the expertise level within the audience. They could be made clickable my using laser pointers. Enough local clicks and the area would expand, revealing its extra stuff.

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