#1741: TuringTuning

It’s easy to get bamboozled in a HiFi shop in connection with choosing a new system.

Today’s invention is to create a music recording and reproduction system which can emulate the characteristics of any other such device (at least to the level which can be sensed by the most discerning of audiophiles). This would thus be a cousin to the Universal Turing Machine that gave rise to computer science.

The emulator would be fitted into a very well-sprung van and transported to the homes of exceedingly rich and discriminating purchasers.

In each house, the universal tuning machine would be set up and adjusted, by a travelling expert, to reproduce the sound output of a range of other high-end systems within the specific geometry of the room(s).

After a week or so of evaluation across a range of different music, a choice could be made by the homeowner of the product to be purchased and the UTM taken to its next test site. People could even opt to buy themselves a UTM if they were sufficiently well-heeled.

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