#1730: NewFaithful

In honour of Graeme Obree, Today’s invention is a collection of devices which might be used to help a bicycle achieve 100MPH.

These include:
a) a low-slung frame with an integral aerodynamic helmet (blue)
b) a linear ratchet-type exercise device to drive the rear wheel by horizontal foot movement only (red)
c) an aerofoil used to give negative lift and force the rear wheel onto the road during initial acceleration (and subsequently discarded once the drag dominates) (orange)
d) A non-steering front wheel -to allow the necessary low frontal area (yellow)

One Comment:

  1. Having now read the rules (it seems there have to be rules), I reckon that an approved helmet would need to be worn under the fairing. http://www.ihpva.org/rules.htm
    The rear wing couldn’t be discarded but might instead spring up to form a tailfin for added stability. I’d object strongly to any attempt to disqualify this machine based on the rigid front wheel being ‘unsafe’ (on a salt flat?)

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