#1726: TumblerTower

Today’s invention is a modification to an undergraduate drinking game, based on the famous Jenga.

Normally, I’m told, you have to have a drink, by way of forfeit, when you move blocks other than the one you are trying to extract. Instead, I suggest that whoever extracts a block correctly can pass it to the player of their choice, who then has to take a drink. This comes from inside the extracted brick.

The bricks are made of plastic and each has a hollow core and a sealable bung, which allows them to hold a variable amount of alcoholic or other beverage, chosen by the hosts, before a game commences.

Some of the blocks would be transparent and some opaque, so that players would have a varying amount of knowledge about their contents. The variation in weight, and hence frictional resistance to being removed, would add an extra degree of difficulty.

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