#1720: HiJean

If you share some piece of equipment with several colleagues or flatmates, there is sometimes a need to monitor hygiene.

Today’s invention is an internal camera which detects the sudden appearance of a mess within eg a microwave oven (by looking for any contrasting blots or blobs on the pristine white walls/floor) and then captures an image of the next person to open the door.

It would be quite amusing to use face recognition to issue a verbal warning “That’s the second time this week you’ve made a mess [facename = Jean]”

This could be applied to other shared facilities but many of them couldn’t legally be equipped with an imaging device.


  1. You might be better to go with the last person who opened the door rather than the next, especially if there is a danger of food splatting onto the camera.

    • Good point Sam. I guess that means detecting whether a mess occurred immediately after that person and if it didn’t, overwriting their stored image.

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