#1711: Handstilled

I used to have a radio-controlled clock, with an analogue face, which was accurate to half a second per decade or something ridiculous.

My problem was that the mechanics of driving the minute hand were cheap and nasty plastic -so that it was always about half a degree away from the minute divisions on the face. This was especially noticeable because of the visual hyperacuity we all have for detecting misalignment.

Also, the vibration of the end of the minute hand made reading the time annoying…especially since the face was inscribed with various boasts about the device’s accuracy.

Today’s invention is such a clock but with the minute hand drawn on a rotating disk. This allows the hand to be set up in the factory exactly in line with the stationary minute divisions marked around the inner edge of the clock.

It also removes any possible waggling of the minute hand about its proper position.