#1700: SightSeeing

You’ve probably seen those movies in which some elite, special forces SWAT team attempts to aim their weapons at unshaven, bad-guy hostage takers by the use of a laser pointer which illuminates the target in the form of a red dot.

Today’s invention is intended to make that process more effective, without increasing bloodshed.

Each normal laser pointer would be modified to generate a cluster of such laser points on the targeted person’s chest. These would be made to move a little, independent of each other, using an array of small mirrors in the pointer housing.

The target would thus be persuaded to believe that many armed security personnel had drawn a bead on him. This would be useless, however, if the target couldn’t see the dots appear on his standard issue dirty vest.

The system would therefore have a mirror mounted around the pointer and which could be flicked from its stowed position, in the plane of the weapon, through 90 degrees to face the person in the sights.

This would allow them to see the array of target points on themselves and lose the will to resist.

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