#1677: SabreSafer

Kitchen knives are essential but they also may be employed as weapons by criminals.

Today’s invention is a mould in the form of a two-sided box, each side of which has an internal recess.

This makes it possible to place any knife in one side of the box, so that a short section of its blade lies above the recess. This depression is then filled with a cold-setting material (like the famous Sugru).

When the material has set hard, the resulting knife has a shorter exposed cutting edge, a large, rounded tip and a handle which is too large to grip comfortably enough to stage a stabbing attack.

There is also moulded-in a small secondary handle, with a deliberate stress-concentrating notch. This means that anyone exerting more than carrot-chopping force would find the handle breaking off in their hand.

(Repairing this would again just require more Sugru).

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