#1639: PunchBowl

I love the competitiveness of boxing but brain damage is a real threat from which no conventional sparring helmet can protect you.

Today’s invention is therefore an unconventional head protector for boxers.

It consists of a plexiglass dome attached to a robot arm. Both boxers would wear one, each bolted to their own ringside robot which could skirt the ringside ledge very fast.

The idea is that the dome would constantly sense its position relative to the wearer’s head -maybe every few milliseconds. The dome would always maintain a distance from the outside of a boxer’s cranium.

When an opponent lands a punch on the dome, the robot arm would react very rapidly to resist both the motion of the incoming glove and the subsequent travel of the dome -so that punches to the head could be automatically recorded without any contact actually being made.

Even if a boxer slipped, the arm would maintain the dome/head distance and then perhaps help cushion the impact between head, dome and canvas.

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