#1629: GuA.R.d

Even more innovative specs…today’s invention is a pair of safety glasses.

These are equipped with at least one lens with an augmented-reality overlay. This display is activated when the glasses are worn oriented towards a piece of dangerous machinery such as a lathe or a chainsaw.

The display will then show a number of close, but randomly distributed spots (say 10) on the surface of the machine that must be simultaneously pressed in order to power it up.

By using all one’s fingers, and only whilst wearing the glasses, is it possible to see how to turn the equipment on.

The machine might actually have 15 sub-surface contact switches embedded in it and use a random set of ten each time, to ensure that operators don’t just learn the required finger pattern.

No-one without the right goggles on can operate the system in question and thus people are protected form injuring their eyes.

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