#1625: Signalick

Car accidents often happen because drivers are perceptually overloaded by the complexities of the urban landscape. There are lots of distractors, especially at road junctions. Blaring the horn is usually pretty ineffective, due to the background hum and the nonspecific directionality of the horn note.

Today’s invention is a device to help drivers, especially novices, when driving at low to moderate speeds in town.

A coiled hose, like a chamelon’s tongue, is built into vehicles. When you press a button on the steering wheel, a blast of compressed air inflates and rolls out the tongue, 5m or so in front of your vehicle.

The tongue would have a fluorescent end whose movement would be sensed by the peripheral vision of other drivers, more effectively alerting them to your imminent arrival. A light spring inside allows the device to roll up again rapidly.

If the tongue were to make contact with pedestrians or vehicles, it would be soft enough to do absolutely no damage.


  1. Patrick, you are absolutely bonkers! Peter

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