#1552: RhinoDayglo

Rhinoceros horn sells, as a constituent of traditional medicine on the black market, at up to $54,000 per kg. Poachers are gradually driving all the subspecies to extinction.

Many Rhino have their horns removed but this influences their natural mating behaviour and is difficult and costly to apply to even the small numbers of animals that remain.

Todays’ invention is an self-driving solar-electric vehicle which patrols rhino territory quietly and which emits the smell of an invading male rhino (ie has a pile of dung on board).

This will attract rhino and often cause them to attack. The vehicle is equipped with protection panels which are heavily painted with a bright coating which is both colourful and mildly poisonous if ingested. This contaminates the horns of the animals on impact (but since it’s dead keratin, it doesn’t get metabolised by them).

The coloration is visible to poachers, saving the lives of any creatures which are thus marked, since it’s hard to remove without mechanical damage, visible to a buyer.

By undermining confidence in the supply chain (including manually spraying any rhino that are encountered by eg tourist buses), poaching can be seriously disrupted.

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