#1512: PewMover

For arenas which are large and yet must be used flexibly, enter today’s invention.

It’s a wheeled robot which can pick up chairs, even when they are randomly lying about, and place them, nested, within its body.

The robot can then move itself so as to position the chairs very precisely -according to a layout described by a remote technician with a touchpad.

Layouts could even include eg circles for group discussions, rearranged rapidly from the normal rows, during a coffee break.


  1. If this were a formal event, the machine could print and apply a name label on each seat -corresponding to the place setting map. Imagine a system which seated you next to people with corresponding interests, as determined by your respective Facebook profiles.

  2. It would also be cool if the chairs could have adjustable seat height, so that the machine could automatically increase this towards the rear of an auditorium.

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