#1504: Trestlenest

It seems that people who make big steel structures like the ‘jackets’ that support offshore drilling platforms have a number of problems. One of the main ones is how to make many such frameworks quickly, inside buildings of limited size.

Traditional approaches to boosting production involve building one and then repeating the process alongside the first. If you can’t start shipping these to operational locations, due eg to bad weather, you have to put manufacture on pause.

Today’s invention is a system for making several such jackets at once.

First, finish one build completely -standing on one side using support legs (black). Then, use this as the scaffold from which to build the next (green).

Thereafter, if a delivery is required, the black one is ready to have its supports detached and pulled clear. The green acts as scaffold for the red one and so on.

Nesting the structures allows both reduced production time and storage space.

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