#1479: FolderHold

When I want to send a very similar email to several people, I find it annoying to have to grab the most recently-sent copy and re-edit it each time.

Today’s invention is an email program enhancement (ie hack) which I haven’t been able to find anywhere.

It is simply the ability to flag a draft email so that when the currently-being-edited version is sent, the original draft on which it was based remains, unedited, in the Drafts folder (at least until unflagged).


  1. Yes! This one drives me mad as well. Perhaps it’s something only people with a particular need do? I organise music workshops so am always adding personal bits to a basic template – but, as you say, I can’t keep the basic template. Don’t know how much notice Google labs takes of suggestions….

  2. Hello Beck,
    Well Google labs seems pretty much immune to my suggestions re http://www.scenereader.com (they have already hired everyone who’s intelligent on the planet, it seems 😉

  3. Try writing your draft and send it to yourself. Then open it in your inbox, do your minimal editing, and forward to your intended recipient. Repeat as necessary.

    • So for multiple recipients of similar but not identical emails, I’d have to add myself to the ‘to’ list, at least one time. That certainly seems plausible. The only downside is that I might easily forget to do that (since to do it every time would overload the already stressed Inbox). I sense that I’m missing something here…

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