#1475: Sobrietester

Binge drinking is a £billion problem in the UK.

Today’s invention is a way to slow the pace of boozing by introducing a social gaming element.

Many bars now have drinks vending machines instead of bartenders. I suggest building a vending machine which will only allow you to pay for your selection if you can move a loop of wire from one end of a ‘steadiness tester‘ circuit to the other without causing it to buzz.

Surrounded by ‘supporters’ and with a couple of beers aboard, this might be surprisingly difficult. It would certainly slow the rate at which alcohol could be consumed in a reasonably fun way.

Having a version in which the machine moved one end of the wire relative to the other before each ‘serving’ would also randomise the wire shape and add to the challenge. Betting on each outcome, as in a normal pub fruit machine, might also be incorporated into the machine.

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