#1471: SafeSeal

When taking apart a tumble drier last week I became aware of a nagging doubt that I hadn’t actually unplugged the machine.

Today’s invention is a way to help ensure that one doesn’t start messing with the insides of a domestic appliance without the power being disconnected.

It takes the form of a very long bolt which runs from front to back of the machine (an industry-standard distance). This has a threaded section (orange) and a flat, unthreaded section (yellow) on which the following cautionary message appears: “Are you sure the power is disconnected?”

Complete removal of this bolt would be required before the backplate could be opened, which would give the repairer ample time to consider his/actions.

One Comment:

  1. It might make sense to create a version which, as it’s being withdrawn, opens a switch controlling the power supply (and vice versa).

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