#1467: Exhibitink

The Kindle e-reader device is equipped with an impressive, high resolution e-ink display -which when ‘on’ uses almost no energy.

Today’s invention is a service based on reusing this technology.

Artists could upload digital versions of eg their pencil drawings. These would then be available to Kindle owners as screensavers, for a small fee.

The Kindle is thin and light enough to be slotted into a purpose-designed frame (also available from the big A). Drawings could thus be displayed as domestic adornments when the reader was not otherwise in use.


  1. This space could be used for displaying ads as well, although I’m aware that it’s less interesting than pencil drawings. So for example you could have Kindles in coffee shops that you could use for free to read newspapers (I think in the old days they used to have fresh newspapers in coffee shops), that would be paid (or at least partially ) by the ads displayed when they’re not used. Not sure whether this fits in well with the theme of this blog.

    • Not sure there is a theme to this blog -other than inventiveness is in every way better than retentiveness! Not much of an advertising slogan.

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