Happy New Year readers (and very many thanks for the comments and donations towards InventorCentre in 2010 ).

I’ve made a list of the ideas that I most enjoyed having (140 ish -the ‘aha moment’ juicy stuff). That’s about 10% of the total. Of these, I guess about 10 have some commercial potential (I’m determined to make some money from one of them in 2011, despite having no ‘protection’).

I’ve added some pictures and fixed some typos, identified a couple of inadvertent reinventions (via the comments) and calculated that about 97% of the days since November 2006 have seen me inventing something. It’s still important to post daily, even if the idea is not very good. Maybe it will spark a better invention in your own mind.

If you discover any additional errors or omissions please let me know via pra@patrickandrews.com -all suggestions are very welcome as usual.


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