#1458: PetPortal

It’s cold here in Scotland at the moment and yet the various domestic animals that have taken over my household still need to get in and out.

Today’s invention is a catflap which limits the coldest, ground-hugging air from entering every time the cat does.

Located high in the door, and reached by a series of footpegs attached to the surface (cut so as to limit to door opening angle as little as possible), healthy cats can easily use the new facility and get some extra exercise in the process.

One Comment:

  1. Mark Sheahan told me at the weekend that he thought this idea was no good, since it would let as much hot air out as cold air in. Not so, I reckon, since the outside air will be significantly more stratified than the inside atmosphere (where there will be a more uniform temperature profile from floor to ceiling than from ground to door lintel).

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