#1440: MilkShake

Parcels tend to get handled roughly in transit -especially when marked ‘fragile’, it seems.

Today’s invention makes use of this sad fact to supply the energy required to make a speciality product.

Light but sturdy plastic containers would be filled with milk, sealed, placed in cardboard boxes and shipped around eg the US. After a day or so of rough handling, they would arrive at the point of sale -as butter.

One Comment:

  1. From my good friend, Marcel Spurny

    “just a quick invention step further for the milky stuff (I have many
    crazy ideas about that):
    *You could replace the car rims with drums with a little stirrer inside,
    fill them with milk and everyone has butter-on-the-drive.
    *Take a snow cannon, replace the water with milk you’ve got milk-icing. 😀
    *Take a foam cannon for foam-parties and replace that fluid with milk
    and ask all the foam-party attendees to dress as coffee beans and you’ve
    got a really cool cafe-latte party. 🙂 “

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