#1431: SharedSize

Online purchases are increasingly encouraged by recommendation engines and social networking.

Today’s invention is a way to allow people to swap clothing with others who share the same measurements.

A website like Amazon would note who bought eg dresses in size 12. These contact details would allow those people to opt in to a system which then enabled them to be identified as buyers of certain items, to discuss their views and offer to swap clothes in the knowledge that they will fit.

This results in better social networking, enhanced product information via customer feedback and a greener, less wasteful approach to fashion.

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  1. I’ve just found this, related development:
    “Levi’s has integrated its online store with Facebook, allowing shoppers to socially interact with friends and create a ‘like minded shopping’ experience. From the Levi’s store, users are able to share products with friends through the Friend Store, ‘Like’ them or search for ‘Top Liked’ products within Facebook.”

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