#1427: Rubberneck bottleneck

It’s an unfortunate fact about people that we seem to have a strong sense of morbid curiosity. This is what causes traffic tailbacks as motorway traffic slows so that drivers can look at an accident on the opposite carriageway.

Today’s invention exploits this character flaw to overcome another: the tendency to drive too fast.

A transporter would be used to move a variety of crashed cars from a breaker’s yard each day to locations where speeding was a problem.

Passing drivers would occasionally see a fresh vehicle wreck and moderate their speed…due partly to momentary shock but mostly so that they could ‘rubberneck.’


  1. Not quite the same but in the US they sometimes leave wrecked cars in parking lots along with a sign explaining it belonged to a drink driver…

    • Interesting. I thought they might even spray some fake blood on the bodywork. The trouble is that people who are already over the limit are probably not going to see the wreck, get a shock and park up. If these cars were left in carparks, maybe a shuttle bus service could allow drunks to stop safely and get home without being prosecuted?

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