#1418: Lactometer

There are now at least three different degrees of skimmed milk easily available at my local supermarket (leaving aside the various goat’s and soya varieties).

Today’s invention is to transform this selection into a continuum.

It consists of a plastic unit into which two milk containers screw (one, say, red top (skimmed) and the other green top (semi skimmed)). A tap within the unit allows the relative amount of each to be regulated when filling a glass or pouring onto cereal.

In this way, the degree of fat present can be controlled continuously, and exactly to the user’s taste in a variety of different scenarios.


  1. I think your device is neat. It encouraged me to think how great it would be to have a cheap portable device (e.g. something like a thermometer) to measure the lactose content in a drink or food. As someone who is lactose intolerant it would be particularly handy to i) check drink/food before consuming; ii) to find out exactly what my personal lactose threshold is so I can enjoy a small amount without feeling ill.

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