#1413: RockingCar

Parking in streets is difficult, even for experienced drivers. It also requires that cars be sufficiently far apart to allow steering into a space, which in itself wastes about 30% of kerbside parking.

Today’s invention offers a way for vehicles to slide into very narrow gaps, without requiring any skill.

Each car would be fitted with an arched, low-friction bumper at front and rear. Beside a narrow parking spot, these bumpers would be flipped downwards and locked in place to from two rockers.

The car’s shock absorbers would then be pressurised from a central plenum: first the outside pair and then the kerbside pair.

This sequence of pressurising and depressurising would cause the vehicle to rock slightly and slide into the space in small jumps (something like a child vigorously translating a rocking chair across a shiny floor).

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