#1324: Scrumtunnel

These days, young people aren’t allowed to do cross country running beside my local river “because they might fall in”. I’m even told that certain education authorities are considering banning many aspects of school rugby because they are too dangerous to be effectively insured.

I spent 9 years of my life playing rugby and I recognise that there are some real dangers here…especially when big and small players collide.

Today’s invention is a two-way scrummage tunnel which allows two junior packs to push each other but without the danger that either front row will crash into the ground and damage their necks or spines.

Made of tough foam, it would accommodate the heads of players comfortably and allow them to push with their shoulders whilst supported from below.

The tunnel would have many slots parallel to the push direction to enable players to see inside the tunnel and contend for the ball.

When a scrum was over, the tunnel could be rolled to one side of the pitch.

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