#1286: Contourkeys

Rather than cart around a collection of Yale keys, today’s invention allows a user to carry only the outer profile of each key,

These can be made of very stiff metal so that twisting within the lock can be sustained repeatedly without breakage.

The key outlines might also be nested, so that the whole ‘keyring’ can be conveniently stored flat in a wallet, for example.

This might take the form of a metal business card with laser-cut profiles in it -each of which which could bend outwards independently to allow door opening.


  1. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe this idea is about an emergency set of keys. A credit-card sized plate of metal would have cut into it the profiles of an individual’s Yale keys (leaving only the ‘handle’ end attached to the plate in the form of a crude hinge). In an emergency, ie when the real keys had gone missing, the card would be pulled from a wallet and the lock-end of each could be bent up out of the plane of the card.

  2. My guess is that there would be enough information contained in the profiles of half a dozen keys to differentiate between every individual on the planet…so slapping this card on an airport scanner could help substitute for an ID card.

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