#1268: Bladebank

Today’s invention is a small clamp which allows two (two-blade) disposable razors to be held together to simulate the shaving performance of a multi-blade razor.

I’m not sure I believe that anyone ever needs more than two blades, but for those who are into multiblade razors, this could offer a significant cost saving.

If the clamp were designed so that each razor was at a small angle to the other, this might have the beneficial effect of decapitating a cylindrical hair from two different directions, so that any remainder is noticeably thinner.


  1. A pity that it increases the surface area of the razor, thus making it more difficult to shave between the jaw and the neck.

    Beards are cheaper anyway.

  2. I tried to build one of these in which the two handles were directly one top of each other and the two heads aligned. This suffered from the problem you mention. It might be possible to have the heads hinged together somehow, perhaps dispensing with one handle completely, but I don’t see how to do this elegantly. In fact, I’ve been using the same twin-blade razor for the last four months (by tapping out all the stubble, shaking dry and then stropping on a dry towel…sharpness almost perfectly maintained).

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