#1151: SkillScreen

I’m fascinated by motor neurons: brain cells which fire when you are performing an action or when you see someone else doing it (It seems eg that if you anaesthetise one hand and then watch someone else’s hand being touched, your motor neurons create the sensation that your own hand is being touched).

Today’s invention is a tool which makes use of one’s motor neurons. It consists of a screen through which a subject places his hands. To these a mild local anaesthetic is applied (to the skin).

On the screen, a film portraying some manual skill is then shown, so that it appears to be undertaken by the subject himself (from pottery to driving a racing car).

After a few minutes, the subject begins to feel that he is actually performing the task. This can act as an effective form of semi-immersive gaming/tuition. Over time, it may allow people to absorb expert-level skills more directly than via a prolonged apprenticeship.

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