#1120: Shimyopia

Today’s invention is an alternative to conventional contact lenses, at least for those who are shortsighted. People with this condition (I’m one) have eyes which focus the incoming light in front of the retina, rather than at its surface.

So, why not distort the back of the eyeball inwards just a little? Isaac Newton tried this using a bodkin (packing needle), but I envisage something more like a fat contact lens, made of eg PTFE which would be attached to the outside of the rear sclera, causing the retina to be moved forwards a little but without distorting its shape and staying out of the way of the optic nerve as the eye rotates.


This could be put in place under local anesthetic (and a more advanced version might contain a radio-controlled piezo-electric spring, allowing the amount of distortion to be varied externally).

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