#983: Instent

There is some kind of evolutionary process going on in the world of tent design.

You can choose from a hundred different sizes, shapes, support arrangements and materials but basically tents are still a tensioned, waterproof outer sheet supporting some kind of inner envelope which accommodates the occupants.


Today’s invention is an alternative for vehicle borne campers. These people usually have to stand about in the rain fighting with guyropes and looking confused by the instructions -well, no longer.

A transparent plastic sheet is supplied at a thickness of 2mm. This is placed on the roof of one’s vehicle and hot water splashed on so that it forms a loose-fitting, see-through skin.

On cooling, the skin is rigid enough to stand on its own. Tags can be glued on the inside (later to support the inner fabric). No more carrying enormous packed tents inside the vehicle.

This shell allows the vehicle to be driven to a campsite and used as a tent within seconds after arrival. If you need to open doors at some intermediate destination, the shell is light enough to be rotated upwards like a visor.

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