#950: SlotSoap

When washing with a bar of soap, there comes a point at which it just gets too thin to be used. The common solution is to press the remains onto the outside of a new cake.

Sadly, this usually doesn’t work well (at least without Herculean levels of compressive force being applied -which, with slippery soap, is quite a challenge).


Today’s invention is a way to overcome this minor issue and also appeal to the increasingly frugal buying public.

It consists of a slot moulded into each bar of soap (always a favourite marketing tactic, to reduce the volume provided, per unit cost).

When that bar has been mostly washed away, it’s remnant can be inserted into the wedge-shaped recess provided in a new bar, making their amalgamation much easier.

One Comment:

  1. It seems somebody has just caught up with my idea of 2009. What a pity Kickstarter is so exclusively US-centric.

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