#851: Keysure

Typing…it’s still a hard task for me to undertake, despite the amount of it I do each day.

Today’s invention is twofold. First, I suggest making the keys on a keyboard with convex domes rather than sharp-edged depressions as is currently common.


This avoids some of the tactile confusion my fingers succumb to from these multiple facets and allows a positive sensation that one’s fingers are actually squarely on the top of each key.

Second, as a non touchtyper, I’d like to see keys which operate a little like the shutter release on cameras. Press a key in a little and the character appears on-screen. Remove pressure and it disappears. Only if you depress a key fully will the character stay as part of one’s text display.

This allows hesitant typists to check what they are about to write -and might even help create more confidence for touch typing (especially when used in concert with domed keys).

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