#807: 1offchocs

So this is the era of 3-D printing; or at least it will be when the 10 or so major cost issues are overcome.

Meanwhile, today’s invention is to use this technology to allow visitors to a website to design their own items of elaborate confectionery -and have them delivered by express mail.

People could select from a palette of fillings, one of bases and one of coatings or ‘enrobings.’ The setting time for each of these would be used to optimise use of the machinery and ensure compatible combinations. Certain confections might be ruled physically (if not aesthetically) impossible. The calorie content of each design would be automatically computed.

If you really must have peanut butter and ginger chocs, on a wafer base, all covered in 2mm of white chocolate, then this is probably the only way to get them.

Users could of course specify even small numbers of such delights and also decorate the outer surfaces with personal messages/logos. There might even be a vibrant online forum for trading recipes and discussing the best techniques for remotely creating a particularly tasty morsel.

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