#764: Liftlimiter

There are very, very few occasions when the use of a firearm is going to create a solution. If however obviously bad people are attacking definitely good people, then I want the innocent parties defended as accurately as possible by eg a police marksman.

Today’s invention is a small metal brace which allows two semi-automatics to be fired simultaneously. This assumes their (substantial) combined weight is supported by both hands of the weapon-wielder.

The brace attaches the frames of the two guns together in such a way that pulling one trigger also pulls the other (and allows the two slide mechanisms still to operate).

This doubles the firepower (and recoil), but the idea is that by mounting one weapon in the opposite orientation to the other (ie with the additional weapon’s barrel below the marksman’s hand and its grip pointing skywards), their tendency to wander off-target during recoil (uplift) will be cancelled out. This will improve accuracy and limit ‘collateral damage’ (The barrels’ axes would need to be set to intersect at a fixed target distance).


  1. .. in the film “the black hole” the evil robots used a gun ( but a laser gun so not a good comparison ) with a barrel above and below the handle : in this case the handle could include the magazine split between the two barrels. how you put a single safty, triger and cocking device to work on both at once is a little more mechanically complex.

  2. A few minutes on Google Patents shows up a huge range of firearms-related devices. The nice thing about the Google site is that it’s browsable by the drawings, which seems to speed the process up enormously.

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