#752: LipShield

I’m told, by various women of my acquaintance, that they dread the holiday season because it’s then that males of every type are seemingly entitled to plant wet, celebratory kisses on their cheek.

Today’s invention provides a way to avoid the unpleasantness of a refusal to be kissed -as well as that of being drooled over by someone with no skills in social osculation.

Women would be equipped at a party with a pack of large, laminated paper lips. These would have an adhesive patch on the rear face. When the dreaded mistletoe, greeting or new year kissing is about to begin, these lips could be attached to a woman’s cheek, allowing her to direct any incoming kisses to this patch.

Done with a smile, this could avoid any awkwardness and the patch could then be quickly discarded and renewed with a new one from the pack.

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