#717: Steerclear

When I drive a car, being longer in the back than most people, the steering wheel tends to obscure some or all of the instruments (The dashboard itself remains a fairly primitive tool; a throwback to the gauntlets-and-goggles days of early motor pioneers when everything was made of wood and brass).

Despite the fact that I actually want my vehicle to have a fighter jet’s head-up display, today’s invention is a simple modification to the established steering wheel.

This would be a torus of perspex with flattened front and back faces creating a non-distorting optical path via which all that hidden driving information can be better seen (irrespective of the angle to which the wheel has been turned).

This could be made just as strong circumferentially as current designs and because of the possibility of moulding in controllable stress raisers, probably less dangerous in the event of a head-on accident.

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