#702: Sharedscreens

If you are inclined, you can now visit a disco in which the dancers all wear headphones tuned to receive the same music. This cuts the noise which might annoy the neighbours and enables uninhibited dancing into the small hours (this says nothing of course about the damage to hearing which may still be caused).

Today’s invention applies this approach to the cinema. Instead of having to use a great auditorium, projection equipment and a shared screen, an audience could each be equipped, on entry, with a set of electronic glasses -all of which would display the same movie within a normal-sized room.

The glasses might incorporate headphones too, but these would allow through some awareness of the audible reactions of the other viewers, so that the cinema experience could still be a shared, community event. People might be encouraged to sit facing the same direction, in order to accentuate this effect (even though it would be strictly unnecessary).

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